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The RADIBAL and microRADIBAL instruments are two radiometers that can be flown on a stratospheric platform to study the stratospheric aerosols. They measure, in the near infra-red range, the radiance and polarization of the sunlight scattered by the atmosphere, gas and aerosols, in a horizontal plane.

microRADIBAL Radiometer

The photopolarimeter RADIBAL [RADIomètre BALlon, Herman et al., 1986] was developed by the LOA in 1983, and microRADIBAL was developed in 1998. It is a modified version of RADIBAL: the instrument has been miniaturized, to allow an easier launch without an auxiliary balloon, and has been upgraded.

Owing to the rotation of the gondola around its vertical axis, the observations are performed under various directions. The measurements provide thus diagrams of the radiance versus scattering angle at several altitudes. The aerosol signature, derived from the radiance measurements, is modeled via radiative transfer codes. The best agreement obtained between the measured and modeled signatures enables to characterize the observed particles.

microRADIBAL in its polystyrene shell

Data Processing